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My beloved ANGELS... core part of my inner strength....

                                           - jb


Angel Therapy

​This is an angel therapy with which you are able to obtain answers pertaining your personal life, whether is your current life of your past life.  Angels will help in a safe way, to help you understand current situations of your life and find answers to your inner questions.

Past Life Regression with the Angels

Balancing your  Chakras with the Angels

There are seven energy points in our body that regulates important areas of our body (mind, body and soul).  Chakra balancing is the process through which the energy of the chakras is brought to a well functioning and harmonious state.

Messages from the angels

Oráculo del Arcángel Chamuel/por Jessica Bernard

Angel Oracle Readings

Angel oracles are a beautify way to receive messages from your guardian angels,  archangels, guides and ascended masters, even your beloved loved ones that had passed.

Letter from your Guardian Angel

The letters from your guardian angel, are written intuitively by Jessica, applying the automatic writing technique, where it offers you a more direct message for the questions that reside within your heart.

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