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an open heart ready to heal



The Grief Recovery Method works on divorce, the loss of a pet or any matter related to a loss.


In my own words...


Part of my beautiful journey of assisting others in their healing process is the Mission of the Grief Recovery  Institute®, which in essence is "to deliver grief recovery assistance to the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time".    As a Grief Recovery Specialist®, it is such an honor to be part of a group of professionals helping others with the appropriate tools, to overcome and release some of the pain that has prevented them from experiencing emotional freedom.  For me, experiencing the Grief Recovery Method®  has given me a sense of freedom, peace and, most of all, closure.



But What is the Grief Recovery Method?


The Grief Recovery Method offers Grief Counseling, bereavement support for coping with death and loss which gives the griever,  (adult or child) the opportunity to recover and accomplish personal healing.

When we talk about grief, it does not only refers to the departure of a loved one, it is the normal and natural reaction to any kind of loss.  There are actually more than 43 types of losses that we can experience in our lives that create grief.   In addition to death and divorce, there can be losses in career changes, break up of a romantic relationship, moving, pet loss, financial changes, holidays, marriage, retirement, health issues to mention a few.

If you have experienced one or more losses and you wish to move beyond the pain, this program offers you the probability of a richer and more rewarding life.


The Grief Recovery Method facilitates simple ways fo each individual to accomplish their personal healing through two Support Programs offered by  JESSICA BERNARDCertified Grief Recovery Specialist:


  • Grief Support Group Program

  • One-on-One Program





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For more information about the Grief Recovery Method, visit their website www.griefrecoverymethod.com