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Support Programs

The Grief Recovery Method Support Groups provide the rigth choice of action to aid people in moving beyond the pain caused by a loss.  It is a program which creates a safe environment to analyze old  beliefs about dealing with loss; to look at what losses have affected  your life and to take new actions which lead to completion of the pain attached to one of those losses.


There are two primary modalities we can work with to provide the assistance with your grief recovery:

Outreach Group






(Private sessions)


This is a seven-week program


For those who prefer the one-on-one attention and convenience of individual sessions, this is the right program for them. We are dedicated to personally walking them through their journey to rediscovery happiness.


In this program, you will be afforded the same tools to work through your grief as in the group program setting.


These sessions will take place once a week for seven consecutive weeks to allow the participant to express their concerns and inner feelings in a more private setting.

(Group sessions)


This is an eight-week program


This program has helped hundreds of people and you will also benefit from it! The group dynamic is a unique experience in itself.


Participants meet once a week for eight weeks. Each week participants are given  assignments (based off The Grief Recovery Handbook), and the following week they will have a chance to share their assignments within a small group of people who are experiencing their own unique losses.




The Grief Recovery Method® Support Groups is not an occasional, "drop-in group".  For the success of these programs, and for the particpants to benefit from it, total commitment is imperative.

The Grief Recovery Method® Support Groups and One-on-One program is led by the Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, who has been trained and certified by the Grief Recovery Institute®.  To ensure your success within this program, your facilitator has direct access to the founder of the Institute.